Thursday, September 27, 2012

"Isn't it sad when the highlight of your day is finding time to shower?"-3rd year MDiv (I thought that was part of "resurrection" year... extra shower time?)
What the 2nd and 3rd years were doing during the OT test...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fun times

When someone asks me what I do for fun


That moment you make eye contact with the professor after tuning them out:

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Page Minimum?

That moment that you change your single-spaced paper to double spaced and hope it's long enough....  but it isn't.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I was a thug..

"I was a thug in high school"- 2nd year at Candler

First Exam

What first-years feel like after their first exam:
LeMon's roundhouse punch to the face!


How we all felt after a TE assignment... you're welcome first-years

That student...

Asking question in class to trip up TA's = trolling
mmm = feeling the "Spirit"
waiting to leave class = being a "Sauch"

How much time do we spend tuning out the professor in class? Let's be honest. Other than mindlessly regurgitating the voice of the professor onto our notebooks, paper or mac, (both of which are more effective than PC), much of our survey courses (NT, HT, OT, etc. are spent sitting and staring blankly at a professor and wishing the student beside you would not ask the question for which you felt the wind wisp by your hear as their fingers sliced through the air beside you.

Or maybe you are the mmm student? Does what the professor say cause you to respond with a self-assuring mmm as you quietly, yet effectively for those around you, voice your approval or disapproval or shock?

Or do you seek to prove how much you know by asking the TA's pointed questions, trying to trip them up, but only effectively deliver your interpretation of the text and miss asking the question altogether?

Of course this is not to accuse anyone, I honestly do a lot of all of these things.... Let it come... Mmm...

At any rate, let this year be your year then, to live out the student you know you are. Become more vocal about what you think and what you feel. Become stronger in your questioning skills so you can learn more from those who have made themselves available resources to you.. Slack off every now and then to maintain some piece of your sanity. 

Do not, stagnate and think yourself as the best in your class. Do not assume that you know the most in the class, even though you probably do. Remember how intimidating you are when you are part of a mass of eyes staring down a lonely TA who's second language is English. Basically, Candler students we can learn in earnest, or we could be jerks. You pick what you want to be.


The new Dear Candler

Well, it seems that a new era of Dear Candler has arisen. After hearing that the original Dear Candler had been shut down, the second years were upset. "What?!" they said, "We never knew about this?!" So, now, a new era has arisen. Maybe even a *better* era. Who knows. So, as I get ready to graduate like others before, the torch has been passed down to much better and funner Dear Candler authors. (ETA: I actually meant to type "funnier" but "funner" works as well)

Direct funny quotes from them include:
"Nobody here is Baptist. But I'm from South Georgia. Does that count?"
"You should get to know those who you are ministering to before shutting it down."

So, get ready, you don't know what you're in for. Welcome to the new Dear Candler.